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Conferencia del profesor Marcel Worring: Analyzing large multimedia collections in an urban context

El próximo 8 de julio de 2016, a las 11:30 h en la Sala de Grados de la Facultad de Informática de la Universidad Complutense de Madrid, el profesor Marcel Worring impartirá la siguiente conferencia: Analyzing large multimedia collections in an urban context.

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In this talk I will consider the analysis of social media data in an urban context, in particular we look at textual data, visual data and all their metadata to understand social and business phenomena. Analyzing such complex and diverse data poses major challenges for the analyst as the insight of interest is a result of an intricate interplay between the different modalities, their metadata and the evolving knowledge the analyst has about the problem. Our multimedia analytics solutions brings together automatic multimedia analysis and information visualization to give the analyst the optimal opportunities to get insight in complex datasets and use them in applications such as recommending venues to tourists, measuring the effect of city marketing campaigns, or seeing how social multimedia redefines urban borders.

Short Bio.

Marcel Worring is a professor in Data Science for Business Analytics at the University of Amsterdam. He has affiliations with both the Amsterdam Business School and the Informatics Institute. In addition to this he is one of the associate directors of Amsterdam Data Science an organization bringing together researchers from four research institutes in Amsterdam (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences, Center for Mathematics and Computer Science, VU University Amsterdam, University of Amsterdam). He is an active research in the area of multimedia with over 200 publications in the field. His research interests are in multimedia analytics bringing together visual analytics and multimedia analysis and realizing the highest synergy between the two. Among other activities he is one of the general chairs of the ACM Multimedia 2016 in Amsterdam, the leading conference on the topic.

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